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Our foundation, established more than 20 years ago, has been working in order to popularize the values that are ignored or just becoming important in the 21st century. We would like to reach all people, but there are two target groups that we especially pay attention to: youth and disadvantaged. These two groups are special, because they cannot meet the information relating to the cultural and social values, we mentioned above.

Why can't young people find cultural information while they are such a generation that knows Internet the best? Because young people uses only 3-5 web platforms (websites, applications) where they always find a lot of information. They don't have any motivation to search for more information, their hunger for knowledge is satisfied by the information they see at the platforms are visited day by day. That's why they have very little chance to find such pages, events, articles etc. that would relate to culture, traditions, society, environment-protection.

For disadvantaged people, it is also difficult to find appropriate professional materials, although they would be very interested in cultural and traditional topics. Only few websites pay attention to have accessible or even mobile responsive surface, making the navigation almost impossible for these visitors.

For these reasons, the Foundation for Besenyszög renewed its webpage so that the modern, mobile friendly and accessible design could attract the youth and make the disadvantaged visitors able to navigate without problems. At our new website, visitors with any educational level, age and social position can easily find the information relating to the Foundation for Besenyszög, including the detailed introduction of the Foundation, our former work plans and our winner projects. You will also find colorful photos which illustrate the success of the events and projects implemented by us.

We wish you a Pleasant and Useful Time at the website of Foundation for Besenyszög!

Moments from the life of the Foundation