About the Foundation

Registered office: 5071 Besenyszög, Dózsa György road 4.

Postal address: 5071 Besenyszög Jászladányi road 18.

Description: The Foundation for Besenyszög is a legal entity, public, so that national and foreign, private and legal entities can join, if they agree the goals of the Foundation

Head of Advisory Board: Molnár Melinda (06-20-230-5650)

The brief history of the Foundation

The Foundation for Besenyszög was established in 1995 and became not-for-profit in 1998. The founders decided to meet the following goals:

  • Care of Imre Bezzeg’s ethnographic collection
  • Chiovini emlékszoba kialakítása Creating the Chiovini Memorial Room
  • Publishing a monography about Besenyszög

After a long time, in 2004, the widely-known collection of Imre Bezzeg returned to Besenyszög. The maintenance of the collection started in 2005, with the agreement and support of the city-council. As a result of this, the collection was undispersed at the old “Gandarmery barrack”, which was an appropriate place to exhibit the collection.

Unfortunately, Imre Bezzeg (who was one of the founders of the Foundation and who donated his collection to the community of Besenyszög for cultural reasons) died before opening the exhibitions on his collection, however, his heritage is guarded and cared about with dignity by the Foundation for Besenyszög.

As a result of the work and diligence of many people, the Vehiculum Museum House - as being a historical institute with permanent operating licence - has been waiting for the the visitors since August 2010 and organizes the historical, social and cultural programs via museum pedagogical activities, in co-operation with other institutes in Besenyszög.


The Chiovini Memorial Room has been open for publicity since 2008.

Monography about Besenyszög was published in 2016.

In 2008, the Founders created new challenges in order to improve the possibilities of civil organizations by participating in tenders.

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