Goal: Support in order to strengthen the social cooperation;

Target area code: 530f10;

Target area ID: 10261001

  1. Name of the tender applier (organization), MVH registration number:  Besenyszögért Alapítvány, 1004497183
  2. Project title: Castle of thorns
  3. Providing the project communication - details about the method how the project would be popularized

We intend to use the following marketing tools beside the compulsory elements of providing public:

  1. Information booklets about the wildlife of Tisza-valley (birds, water, plants, herbs), with practical tips for children (bird feeder, natural materials around the house, environment-friendly household tips, herbal mixtures etc.). The booklet also contains information about the folk culture of the region and tips for making natural toys or traditional bread.

In the publication titled Kids World in Besenyszög, the changes of children’s lives are introduced (change history of kid works, games, clothes in Besenyszög, in the 20th century)

  1. We publish two articles in the Besenyszög Hírmondó: the first one is to inform the target group - the visitors can be informed about the series of events and, by the end of the project, about the results of the nature photo competition and the exhibition can also be promoted here, using the required image elements.
  2. Within the confines of the project, we create a virtual community space (website) as a development of an infocommunication structure that support organizations to keep in touch by forum function which enables the fastest, most efficient and economical way of contacting civil organizations and the instant sharing of files. In addition to the contact details of the participating organizations, the contact menu shows contact details of other NGOs dealing with similar activities and the availability of public and EU resources to assist with maintenance, which also helps in project financing. On the website, the visitor counter provides adequate feedback to measure the results objectively. The website also provides news about the current status of the project, about the programs, the events and the results achieved.
  3. Target group is informed about the programs by leaflets spread in schools and shops.
  4. A summary of the programs will also be published on at the end of the project, with the name of the organization providing the support, using the required image elements.