The goals of the Foundation for Bessenyszög is widely-ranged, because a community can be supported in many ways. Among others, we deal with the following activities: protecting, preserving and caring the tangible, intellectual and cultural heritage; research; community- and settlement development; making the natural landscape be involved by tourism; tourist programs; environmentally conscious behavior; subservience of local production; not-for-profit economic activities in order to develop the local economy etc.

Of course, beside the general purposes, we try to accomplish some concrete tasks:

      1. Writing and publishing the history of Besenyszög, beside publishing writings about the researches related to our town
      2. Protecting and exhibiting the collection of the deceased Imre Bezzeg (lived in Besenyszög, Jászladányi str. 3); making the collection able to be investigated; using up the collection for preserving local traditions;
      3. Creating, caring, maintaining and introducing the Chiovini memorial room, providing the researchability of Chiovini records and documents
      4. Introducing and mediating the cultural values of our homeland for the Hungarians and other nations all over the world;
      5. Investigating, reanimating, caring and depicting the local traditions
      6. Public educational activities; organizing and supporting programs to form the community, strengthen the identity and preserve the cultural values; mediating and developing the cultural values with special regard to young people
      7. Motivating people for learning, increasing knowledge, developing competences by organized programs
      8. Supporting other organizations, co-operation with other organizations, organizing programs
      9. Activities for developing settlements and avolving environmentally conscous behavior
      10. Organizing transborder programs, supporting the co-operation of regions

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