The Foundation for Besenyszög won a non-refundable subsidy of 5.248.215 HuF by the project titled “Miller-side reservation manor” . The tender, created by the MJV City Government of Szolnok,  was announced for “Pedagogy of environment-conscious child rearing and sustainability”. The subsidy was provided by the EEA / Norwegian Financial Mechanisms.

The path of the trail starts and ends at the local museum. Returning to the junction, from the end of the Marketplace, the path continues on the riverside of Miller towards the Elizabeth Garden. At this 700-meter distance, by the help of information boards, there is opportunities to observe the visible-audible nature along the riverside.


In order to solve the tasks found in the information booklet, created for the project, we are planning to place seats with roof, which allows the observation at the lessons. The foundation can also purchase microscopes suitable for close-up observations of nature from the subsidy received. As the project takes place during winter, with the involvement of kindergarten groups and school class communities, we have planned a separate activity to observe "The Birds of Winter", to make bird feeders and “bird-cake”.


We would like to introduce everyone the experiences, got on the winter Miller-side, by a drawing competition. The end of the path of the study trail also includes an additional development opportunity: to develop the Elisabeth Garden, which was created by Antal Wesniczky and maintained by the local Circle of Garden Friends, in the close future. The subsidy, received for the implementation of the project, the Foundation for Besenyszög has an amount of 5,248,215 HUF, to which the foundation adds 10% of the project costs as its own.


We hope this project will be a good example of cooperation between local communities, NGOs and institutions.

Related to the touristic developments of the Millér Sport-Fisherman Association (archery course, reconstructed village conquest, fishing lake), the Besenyszög Traditional Archery Association provide an “learning while having fun and having fun while learning”  opportunity for people, especially children and young people. It is also a good time to spend your free time while keeping an eye on protecting and protecting the environment.