Definition of public functions, according to Section 19 Paragraph 2 of Act CLXXV of 2011: state or self-governing tasks defined by laws that completed in behalf of the common weal, without hope of profit, in confirmity with the requirements and conditions defined by laws.

According to the Section a) of the same Act, the founding document has to contain what kind of non-profit activities are done by the organization, what public functions these activities are done for, and, furthermore, what laws prescribe the compliance of these public functions.



1. Paragraph 1 of Act LXV of 1990 about the local governments:

  • developing and ordering the settlement;
  • protecting the constructed and natural environment;
  • providing sanitation and hygiene of the settlement
  • providing for child and youth challenges
  • providing room for the community
  • supporting public education, sport, scientific and artistic activities
  • subserving the conditions of healthy lifestyle

2. Paragraph 75 of Act CXL of 1990 about museum institutions, public library services and public education

  • community locale and public educational institution is allowed to be operated by only local government or, within a public educational agreement, other orgainzation (association, foundation)
  • Paragraph 76 of the same Act: Supporting the public educational activities is a compulsory function of the local government
    • activities out of school system like self-motivated, self-study, vocational trainings
    • discovering and popularizing the traditions and the environmental, spiritual, artistic values of the settlement, caring and enriching the cultural habits
    • supporting the activities of  the educational, cultural communities and amateur creators
  • support of establishing and keeping contacts among the different cultures
  • providing the conditions of the cultural free-time activities
  • providing other cultural opportunities

3. Paragraph 55 of Act 1 of 2004 about sport:

  • co-operation with local sport organizations and sport associations
  • providing the conditions of practising local governmental sport activities in schools
  • providing the conditions of the functions of student sport associations and local governmental school sport clubs

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