The Foundation for Besenyszög won a non-refundable subsidy of 4.999.180 Forint (17.102,9 Euro) by the project titled “Special days with saints”. The tender was announced for executing the chapter LEADER of Local Rural Development Strategies, the subsidy was provided by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development according to the regulation of 35/2013. (V.22.) of the Rural Development Minister. The project was implemented by the subsidy given by European Union and Hungarian Government, the intensity of the subsidy was 100%.

The direct aim of the project was to organize events based on the origin of the special traditional days relating to saints’ life, the order of the religious holidays of the year, and the relating parts of Holy Bible. The Catholic Church is one the most substantial organizing power of the Hungarian Nation for more than a thousand year. Our religious traditions evolved by the infiltration of our ancient beliefs into Catholicism. The main goal of implementing these events is to make people understand the religious traditions and the way how the religious holidays and the folk traditions connect to each other.

By the help of the events, the traditional holidays of the Holy Bible and the saints’ lives could be elaborated, leaning on the local resources (e.g. consultancy about the history of Church and Bible) The events were implemented by the co-operation of the Church and the citizens, focusing also on the particularities of local traditions so that a transmission also occured at the same time. Spending the free-time usefully and together also strengthened the co-operation of the community.

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