The Foundation for Besenyszög won a non-refundable subsidy of 2.194.560 Forint (12.715, 37 Euro) by the project titled “Creating village research camp - tent-camp” applied for the tender that was announced on the target area of developing events guarding traditions and representing local values, according to the regulation of 76/2011 (VII.29) VM, within the confines of the available subsidies provided for the execution of chapter LEADER of Local Rural Development Strategies.

The project was implemented within the confines of the subsidy given by European Union and Hungarian Government, the intensity of the subsidy is 60%.

The purpose of the project is to organize a village research child camp (tent-camp) in Besenyszög in order to make the natural and cultural values and traditions widely known. Its target group consists of the primary and secondary school students of Besenyszög and the surrounding settlements. During the period of the operating commitments, we can organize a week-long village research camp for groups of 25-29 children in the summer holiday at least once a year. The camp couldn’t have been implemented without the needed tools, because these developments are the basic conditions of the yearly organized camps.

As Hungarian traditions are getting forgotten, their practical protection and transmission is reasonable. In many cases, children spend their summer holiday among the four walls, using electronic tools, far from nature, so they don’t pay any attention to protect their environment, despite the importance of environmental and cultural sustainability. The village research camp contributes to save and popularize these values, while it also motivates the development of social relationships, tolerance and communication skills.

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