belonging to the project  “In the track of memories” announced by the Foundation for the Research of Central and Eastern European History and Society

24.10.2015 – The I. World War through a citizen’s eyes

Program plan: 6pm Welcome, 6.15pm Brief introduction of Erich Kraus’ life, 6.25pm Presentation, 7.25pm BREAK, 7.35pm The second part of the presentation.

The program was held as planned.

Performers: Erich Kraus photographer, Danyi Imréné interpreter

Participants: 8 children, 71 adults

Summary: The audience was looking forward to the presentation what was expressed also their great number. We could see another perspective of the World War. At the end of the presentation, the event ended up interactively so that the audience could take their question to the performer, therefore nobody went home with unanswered thoughts.

11.11.2015 – Commemoration at the Monument of I. World War

Program plan: 10.45 Appearance at the monument with the school classes; 11.00 Speech about the monument; 11.11 Commemoration by lighting candles together

Participants: 245 people

Summary: Our traditional commemoration, organized for the second time, made the children be aware of the importance of remembering, showed them the importance and the effects of the World War. We realised that giving this kind of experience to children is a good way to spread the information among people, such as their families and friends.

19.11.2015.11.19. – The Great War through a historian’s eyes

Program plan: 5.30pm Welcome, 5.40pm Presentation – Topic: The Hungarian identity of the Hungarian people dispersed all over the world

The program was held as planned.

Performers: Dr. Magyaródy Szabolcs – owner of Hungarian Heritage award and the Order of the Merit of the Hungarian Republic, Officer’s Cross and Middle Cross; leader Toronto’s Scout Movement

Participants: 20 children, 36 adults

Summary: The audience could learn about the fate and thinking-way of the Hungarian people who fled abroad because of the national tragedy. According to feedback of the audience, the performer left a deep mark on the participants.

18.12.2015.12.18. – The Great War through a singer’s eyes

Program plan: 5pm Welcome and a brief introduction of the artist, 5.15pm Performance (soldier songs with piano accompaniment, Béla Bartók compositions, soldier chansons, in co-operation with the Chiovini Ferenc Female Chamber Choir. The program was held as planned.

Performers: Anita Somogyi singer, Ilona Szikora pianist, Chiovini Ferenc Female Chamber Choir

Participants: 80 people

Summary: The special personality of the singer was the main reason of the success of the evening. Before performing the songs, we could hear some of her personal experiences that made people understand the songs. A lot of people listened to the songs with tears in their eyes. After the performance, we got such positive feedback from the audience that we invited Anita Somogyi to take part in further events of us.

01.12.2015 - 15.12.2015 – Temporary exhibition

Conception of the exhibition: Ferenc Markó, a member of the Hungarian wreck Researcher Association, brought his memorial collection about I. and II. World War for us. The main target audience of the exhibition consisted of local school students, but the collection was free to see for anyone during the exhibition.

Exhibition pieces: At the exhibition, we could see rare documents, like photos, postcards, letters. We separated the tangible assets from fighting tools, articles for use, ornaments and personal belongings.

Structure of the exhibition: At 9am 01.12.2015, after opening the exhibition, Ferenc Markó held 45-minute-long presentations about the history, importance and curiosity of the pieces. The classes exchanged each other to listen to him and to see the presentation. The period of the exhibition ended on 15.12.2015.

Number of visitors: 250 people

01.12.2015-15.12.2015 – Poster exhibition

Exhibition conception:  D

uring the poster exhibition, we could see image and text illustrations, which introduced the events of the I.World War so that the visitors do not need exhibition guide to understand the message of the exhibition.

Exhibited material:  12 posters were exhibited (World Wars, Italian theatre of war, Balkan theatre of war, Russian theatre of war I-II, The first heroic dead of the Great War, Christmas of soldiers, Soldiers’ free-time, Return of prisoners of war, Captivity in Serbia and Romania, Cíptivity in Russia, Captivity in the distance)

Structure of the exhibition: The exhibition was opened at 8am, on 01.12.2015. and it could be seen by visitors until the end of the exhibition (15.12.2015)

Number of visitors: 250 people